Do you believe the Ordering Provider should be required to perform the CDS consult as stated by PAMA and proposed by CMS? Others don’t and are working to dilute it. Here is how to let CMS know what you think.

Section 218 of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 as well as CMS’s recently released Proposed Rule implementing the Act state that the “ordering professional must consult” the CDS system when ordering covered exams.  It does not say someone else, e.g., an imaging center where the exam is scheduled, may perform the consult on behalf of the ordering… Read More

POS 19 Now Included in MIPS Definition of hospital-based MIPS eligible clinician

While this is not directly related to the Dose Registry, it is important information for radiology groups.  In the original MIPS rule, Place of Service 19 was not included in the definition of “hospital-based clinicians”  thereby complicating these clinicians ability to meet their Merit-based Incentive Payment requirements.  CMS is proposing to correct that oversight effective next… Read More