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Dose Index Registry Exam Name Mapping Made Easy – On Sale

Reviewing existing exam name RPID mapping assignments is one of the most important Dose Index Registry® (DIR) maintenance tasks facilities should routinely perform. IncorrecBookcovertly mapped studies can result in misleading and/or incorrect Aggregate and Standardized Dose Reports. This guide is written to provide the reader with an easy method of validating your RPID mappings and identifying potentially incorrectly mapped studies for correction using the DIR’s bulk editing feature.  Includes step by step instructions.

The paperback is on sale at for $7.27.

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Announcing the Dose Index Registry® Support Services LinkedIn Group

I am renaming and repurposing my LinkedIn radiology management group to concentrate on supporting use of the ACR’s Dose Index Registry ® rather than a general radiology business forum. The new group is named “Dose Index Registry Support Services.” 

If you are a LinkedIn member and would like to join the new group enter Dose Registry Support Services in the search box.  You should see the group listed in the search query. 

Dose Registry Support Services is committed to providing the most cost efficient support available supporting facilities monitor and reduce their CT doses.  In many cases we can save facilities $60,000 to $100,000 or more each year, compared to some other third party-solutions.  

If you are struggling to implement an effective dose monitoring and dose reduction solution, please contact Dose Registry Support Services.   

Michael Bohl

Dose Registry Support Services

* Please note that the Dose Index Registry® Support Services LinkedIn group is not affiliated with or moderated by the American College of Radiology. Dose Index Registry® is a registered trademark of the American College of Radiology.