Using the Dose Index Registry® to Implement an Effective Dose Monitoring Program Webinar; June 14, Noon CDT

If your facility is struggling to understand the DIR or to implement an effective dose monitoring program, or is spending tens of thousands of dollars doing so, don’t’ miss this webinar.      

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During this one-hour free webinar Michael Bohl from Dose Registry Support Services will review the ACR’s Dose Index Registry and how several radiology departments are using it to implement effective, comprehensive, and cost-efficient Dose Monitoring Programs, and to meet TJC’s dose monitoring and incident identification requirements.

During the session Mr. Bohl will review specific examples of dose lowering opportunities identified using this approach, share several tips for using the DIR, and show participants how to establish expected dose ranges tailored to their institution and then identify studies that exceed their expected range using their own data. Participants will also learn why XR-29 dose alerts/notifications do not meet TJC’s dose incident identification requirements.  The webinar is sponsored by Cassling and is free everyone. 

 *Approved for 1.0 CE credit from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

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