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Important Announcement: The DIR Restructured – Existing Users Should Confirm DIR Account Status and Data Access

The NRDR restructured all existing DIR accounts effective August 18, 2018.  This changed the way sites are structured, reassigned some users, added a new user type, and limited the data to which some of the users have access.  It also eliminated a few reports.

If you are a DIR user at any level it is important you log in and check your account status to make sure it works for you and that you can access the reports and perform the tasks you were able to do prior to the change. 

Here is a summary of the changes taken in large part, and sometimes copied directly, from the NRDR Announcement.   As always, Dose Registry Support Services is ready to help facilities navigate the DIR/NRDR.   Michael Bohl


Master Accounts have been replaced by Corporate Accounts.  Corporate accounts will not accept data whereas previously they would.  Corporate Accounts are managed by a single Corporate Account Administrator who is responsible for all communications with the NRDR team.

Critical to Understand:  Corporate Account Administrators have no default access to data management for their facilities, e.g. submitting data via web forms, data upload files or web services, viewing data through the portal, searching cases/exams for all subordinated facilities, accessing patient data, etc.

In order to have access to facility data, Corporate Account Administrators must also have a specific user profile associated with the facility ID such as Facility Administrator, Registry Administrator or Facility User.  If you used your Master Account administrator log in credentials to submit data or review reports you may not be able to do so under those credentials today – you would have to create a second account type to do so.  You won’t know until you log in and test the system.

For existing “Master” facilities, the master facility ID will become the corporate account ID, and the master Facility Administrator will become the Corporate Account administrator.

For standalone facilities, the existing Facility Administrator will become the Corporate Account Administrator, and a new Corporate Account ID will be created and sent to them.

The Facility Administrator, Registry Administrator, and Facility User roles remain unchanged. You can find more information in link to NRDR Accounts and Profiles link accessible through the Announcement document link above.

There is a new user type named Service User.  The new Service User profile allows support staff, such as IT personnel, to have NRDR credentials without access to data or reports. Service User profiles are corporate-level roles and are associated with all facilities within a corporate account, so there is no need to update a Service User’s profile when facilities are added to a corporate account.

The NRDR announcement also discusses the new TRIAD Site Server v.4.5.  You may want to plan to upgrade as it contains several convenient features like mapping a new scanner directly from the unmapped Data tab and the ability to view the number of scans submitted by scanner.

There are other changes as well.  Please click on the Announcement link at the beginning of this post to read more.


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