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DIR Corporate-level Aggregate Report Update

The DIR is working to restore Corporate-level reports.


Previously, the NRDR announced several changes to its portal effective August 18, 2018.  The changes included:

  • Changes to the organizational structure;
    • e.g., Master/Child accounts;
  • Adding a new user type – Service User;
  • Introduced a new pricing option for limited;
    • i.e., single registry enrollment vs. multiple registry enrollment;
  • Simplified the new facility application workflow; and,
  • Several other important changes.

Click on the link above to read the announcement and details.

I want to draw your attention to a couple of specific changes the NRDR made to the Dose Index Registry specifically.

  • The DIR report menu has new submenus for Interactive Reports which provide some new and interesting functionalities, including Tableau reports; and,
  • With the exception of CTDIvol Boxplot reports, all Operational Reports remain.

There is one set of reports that was inadvertently removed from the portal – the Corporate Level Aggregate Reports.  While each child site’s report contains the DIR results for that child site, the Corporate level report contained the results from all child sites for easy side by side comparison.

However, I have been informed by the DIR that it is working to restore Corporate level reports.  I will provide an update when this comes available.


As always, if you are challenged to use or understand the DIR we are here to help.   The DIR is a powerful (and nearly free) tool for identifying dose reduction opportunities and meeting The Joint Commission’s Dose Incident Identification requirements.  If you are looking to implement a low-cost, highly effective program, that is staff-friendly, take a look at how Dose Registry Support Services can help you achieve your goal.  We offer a service, not a product.  This means that we work with you and your physicists directly – we don’t sell you a platform then walk away.  No contracts.  No upfront costs. No long-term commitments. Tailored to meet your needs.  


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