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Meeting TJC’s 2019 Fluoro Dose Monitoring & Review Requirements – We Can Help

Effective January 1, 2019 The Joint Commission (TJC) is requiring TJC accredited facilities to establish expected fluoroscopy dose or fluoro time levels, record each study’s reference air-kerma dose (or fluoro times and number of films if the unit is not air-kerma enabled), and review any study that exceeds it expected limit.  TJC also sets out minimum medical physicist testing of fluoro equipment, ongoing education requirements for all fluoroscopy operators (including radiologists).

Dose Registry Support Services is able to assist facilities comply with these requirements by provide a set of draft policies addressing TJC’s new requirements and help managers with the details.   For more information on how we can help your facility meet TJC’s Fluoroscopy an/or CT Dose Incident Identification requirements contact us by clicking here.

If your facility is struggling to understand or use the ACR’s Dose Index Registry to monitor CT doses, we can help


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