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DIR Corporate-level Aggregate Reports Are Back

Several months ago the NRDR changed the organizational structure for facilities submitting data.  One of the biggest changes was the establishment of the “Corporate” account under, and to, which all child sites would be assigned.  Post transition, each site still had access to its set of Aggregate reports.  Site level Aggregate reports show how that site compares to other similar facilities, regionally and by type of facility.  However, immediately post transition, the Corporate (formerly Master) level Aggregate reports at  were no longer available.  Corporate level reports are particularly useful for multi-site facilities because they provide a glimpse of how doses for any given RPID compare between child site facilities.

The good news is that Corporate level Aggregate reports are back!

The challenge may be in getting set up with the authority to view them.  From what it appears, being a Registry Administrator at the Child Sites does not provide access to them.  it appears users will need access to the Corporate level account.  Even Child Site DIR Registry Administrators don’t seem to have access to the Aggregate reports.  I will follow up with the NRDR and see what access options are available.

In the meantime, if your facility is struggling to use the DIR effectively to meet the Joint Commission dose incident identification requirements, or in efforts to establish a general dose reduction program, Dose Registry Support Services can help.


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