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Free 2 CE course: “Using the DIR to Implement an Effective CT Dose Monitoring Program and Meet The Joint Commission’s Dose Incident Identification Requirements.”

I just published the FREE independent study course I wrote of earlier titled “Using the DIR to Implement an Effective CT Dose Monitoring Program and Meet The Joint Commission’s Dose Incident Identification Requirements. The course consists of a 100 minute video presentation followed by a 16 question exam.  Registered Radiologic Technologists successfully completing the course will earn 2 CE credits.  However, anyone interested may take the course without taking the exam.  The course is available at

Click on the Course title in the Featured Course menu along the right border.

Note: Users wishing to enroll in the course should first create an account on the website, then login and enroll in the course.    

In this course, I share with you

  • Why dose monitoring is important;
  • 4 of the most useful DIR Reports and how to generate them, including the new Interactive reports;
  • Tips to make Exam Name mapping easier, including how to use the Bulk Mapping option;
  • Success stories others have had using this approach, which provides additional insight for using the DIR;
  • Advice on assigning User Roles; and,
  • How to use the DIR to meet TJC’s Dose Incident Requirement without the need for expensive third-party dose monitoring systems.

As you will hear, the Dose Index Registry is a powerful tool. We only need to understand how to use it and what it is telling us.  At the end of this course you will have enough information to implement an effective, low cost dose monitoring and optimization program at your facility.  My real objective is to have Radiologic Technologists BECOME LEADERS in dose reduction within their institution.  The success stories you will hear are technologist-generated success stories which, in many cases, were then broadly shared within their organizations. 

Please share this with your management and technical staff if they would like to learn more about how to use the Dose Index Registry to reduce CT doses and implement a low-cost, yet effective CT dose optimization program and/or meet TJC’s Dose Incident Identification requirements, or simply want free CE.  If  you are a member of a state chapter or national association feel free to share it with them as well.  The course if free for all. 

Mike Bohl
Dose Registry Support Servicers


About the speaker:  Michael Bohl founded Dose Registry Support Services in 2015 to support Radiology Departments’ use of the Dose Index Registry to optimize doses and meet The Joint Commission’s mandate to identify and review Dose Incidents.  Mr. Bohl is a nationally recognized speaker and has extensive experience in radiology group, imaging center, and hospital management.  He has authored several articles, including an article titled Meeting The Joint Commission’s Dose Incident Identification and External Benchmarking Requirements Using the ACR’s Dose Index Registry published in the August 2016 edition of the Journal of the American College of Radiology.  For more information see Mr. Bohl’s LinkedIn profile, visit, or email us by clicking here.

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