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Fluoroscopic Safety Course and Self-test w/ Certificate

I am making my Fluoroscopy Safety Course designed to meet The Joint Commission’s annual training requirement for technologists/staff that use fluoroscopy free for anyone wishing to use it. This document contains the course, a self-test, and a certificate. I suggest staff take the course/exam, complete the certificate, and then have their facility supervisor sign it and keep it for documentation purposes. The course may be reused each year.  J Everything you need is in the pdf. Click on the link below to download the course, self-test, and certificate.

If you or your facility is struggling to meet The Joint Commission’s requirement to monitor CT doses, create expected dose ranges for each study, and identify studies that exceed their expected doses, let Dose Registry Support Services do it for you. 

Our DoseID service leverages your participation in the ACR’s Dose Index Registry to provide a very low-cost service, typically costing about $3,500 for a single hospital. Multi-system hospitals get substantial reductions for each additional facility covered (e.g., $650 for each additional hospital*. 

No hardware or software to purchase, no on-going maintenance contracts, no surprise billing or long-term contract needed.

For more information visit or contact me on LinkedIn.

* up to five facilities total

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