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DIR Transitioning to a New Data Transmission System – Facilities MUST upgrade

Earlier this week facilities participating in the Dose Index Registry received the email copied below announcing the DIR’s transition away from the TRIAD Server to DIR Link. Please note, this change requires facilities to contact the DIR and arrange to schedule the upgrade – it is a reasonably simple upgrade, but it is not something the facility can do on its own – it requires working with the DIR.

THE DIR requests participating facilities complete the Installation Questionnaire (see link below) and submit it to them by May 20th.

The article below contains more information.

The ACR is pleased to announce beginning in June 2022, Dose Index Registry facilities will receive support to transition to DIR Link, an enhanced data transmission interface, and retire use of the TRIAD Site Server. This is part of a larger ACR initiative to introduce the next generation of TRIAD called ACR Connect – a server-based platform that will support interfaces to the National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR), ACR Accreditation, and other ACR clinical research initiatives.

All DIR-participating facilities will need to transition to DIR Link by the end of 2022 for continued data submission to the DIR.

What do you need to do?

Get started by designating someone at your facility who is familiar with DIR data transmission to complete the DIR Link Installation Questionnaire about your facility’s technical environment and preference for a DIR Link installation month. 

Please submit the questionnaire for your facility by May 20.  Note: A limited number of time slots are available each month.  Respond early to reserve time in the month that best fits your schedule. 

ACR will contact you two weeks in advance to schedule an installation meeting.  During this meeting the ACR team will work with your IT support and/or a facility or registry administrator to transition to DIR Link for CT scanner and fluoroscopy system data submissions.  The transition process should take approximately one to three hours depending upon a facility’s set up. 

What are the benefits?

Example enhancements offered by DIR Link include automation whereby facilities no longer need to un-install the current software version and re-install updated software versions. Plus, DIR Link enables traceability between NRDR and local site data for easier investigation of data submission issues and reported dose outliers.

What are the technical requirements?

  • DIR Link and ACR Connect run on Linux and Windows operating systems. Windows 2016 and Windows 2019 are supported Windows OS platforms. Click here for system specifications and requirements.
  • CT scanner and fluoroscopy systems must be configured to send Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSR). DIR Link does not support secondary capture image data submission.  Click here for details.

See the DIR Link Knowledge Base article for more details. For any questions, or concerns regarding the DIR Link rollout, please reply to this message or email us at

Thank you,

NRDR Support

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