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  1. Hello – Where can I find external benchmarks for comparison?

    1. Suzanne,
      I use the ACR’s Dose Index Registry. TJC issued a statement approving it as an external benchmark. I copied a link below with some more information. Having said that, TJC is not going to define what is an appropriate or not. They are leaving it up to the facilities. However, it will have to be defensible. I think you will find that large 3rd party solutions (e.g., Radimetrics) likely have enough data that they can be considered an external benchmark. I know of no published, downloadable list other than what I’ve described above.


  2. Whether we can use DLP to calculate the patient specific dose?

    1. Monica, Thanks, I’m glad you found it helpful. Mike Bohl, Dose Registry Support Services

    1. Thank-you for the review. Please tell your co-workers and friends about it. If you and/or your facility is looking for a low-cost, effective, and Joint Commission-compliant CT dose monitoring solution that actually produces results, have them contact me. Sincerely, MBohl

  3. very interesting. thank you

  4. very interesting. thank you

  5. Interesting course.

  6. Great presentation. Very helpful reminders.

  7. The Cash Reserves Modeling template download link on the blog is not working.

    1. Puneeth, Thanks. I updated the link.

  8. The graph shows the estimate of the impact anticipated revenue losses across 5 different Scenarios. The blog does not have the any information about what those 5 scenarios are.

    1. Puneeth, The Scenarios are described just under the Recovery Rate matrix on the main worksheet. However, to your point, I copied the table into the chart itself. If you re-download the file here you will see the descriptions described in the chart.

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