DoseID Program

$3,500/yr for one facility address location*

  • Includes quarterly Dose Incident Identification reports for one year
    • more frequent reports are available if desired
  • Includes one Expected Dose Range table for every protocol based on DIR data
  • Unlimited scanners/exams at each physical address
  • $650 for each additional physical facility location
    • Unlimited scanners/exams at each additional location
      • must use the same Expected Dose Range Table developed for 1st facility
  • $650 for each additional Expected Dose Table desired
    • a second facility may want their own expected dose range table, if so, this fee applies

* DRSS Guarantee:  If a facility does not wish to continue the DoseID Program after receiving the first quarterly report they owe nothing for services related to the DoseID program.  That is how confident we are facilities will find our service one of the most cost-efficient and effective dose incident identification services available.  This guarantee applies to a single facility and development of one complete set of Excepted Dose Ranges.

Dose Index Registry Support

Task-based hourly rates apply – billable quarterly

  • Includes all work related to supporting mapping/remapping of studies, discussions with staff concerning ACR DIR dose reports, protocol naming conventions, TRIAD server related discussions/work, etc.
  • Discounted pricing available if paired with DoseID Program

No long-term commitment

Advanced reviews available; Task-based hourly rates apply

For more information on how we can help your facility with the Dose Index Registry and/or Dose Incident Identification click here.