DIR Specialty Mapping Worksheets


Specialty Mapping Worksheets supporting the quick and efficient identification of appropriate RPIDs when mapping CT exam names to the ACR’s Dose Index Registry.



Dose Registry Support Services developed this set of specialty worksheets for internal purposes and has come to rely on them when mapping studies to the DIR.   Some may wish to refer to them as “Cheat Sheets.”

We found it was much more convenient and efficient to identify appropriate RPIDs using these focused specialty Excel worksheets than other methods.  For example, when we need to map an Upper Extremity Study we found it far easier to simply look through the focused list of the Upper Extremity RPIDs than through all 1,400+ CT RPIDs.  Almost more problematic was finding the Combination study codes.  Developing these tables was a game changer for us and we believe you will find them equally indispensable and well worth the purchase price.  

This set of worksheets contains specialty reference worksheets for the following categories of CT exams:Preview Changes (opens in a new tab)

·            Select RPIDs by Study Type (e.g. Head/Neck, Body, Angio, Combination, etc.);
·            Combination Study RPIDs;
·            Angiography RPIDs;
·            Lower Extremity RPIDs;
·            Upper Extremity RPIDs;
·            Interventional RPIDs;
·            Pediatric RPIDs;
·            Trauma RPIDs; and,
·            All DIR-related RadLex® CT RPIDs;

This is a single-facility use license.  Users may install it on unlimited PCs within the same facility.

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Michael Bohl, CEO
Dose Registry Support Services


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