Fluoroscopic Dose Optimization for Pediatric and Adult Patients for Institutions


This is the version used when Institutions want to purchase a bulk course for their staff.  Cost is determined by the number of people taking the course.  Contact Dose Registry Support Services for more information


This course is designed to meet The Joint Commission’s annual training requirement for physicians, non-physicians, and ancillary personnel who use fluoroscopic equipment.  It covers and/or provides links to the following information:
  • Radiation dose optimization techniques and tools for pediatric and adult patients addressed in the Image Gently® campaign; and,
  • Safe procedures for operation of the types of fluoroscopy equipment they use.

Upon completion of this course the participant will receive a certificate of annual training for Joint Commission verification purposes.

Each facility should take time to train all users on the specifics of using the make/model of equipment in use at their facility.

PLEASE NOTE:  Users should create a New Account and Login as a user prior to enrolling in the course.  The name used for enrollment will be reflected on the certificate of completion.  lick on New Account in the top menu.  Once an account is created the user should click Login in the upper menu then proceed to purchase the course.

While your here, take a look at how Dose Registry Support Services can help you and your department implement an effective CT dose monitoring program using the Dose Index Registry.

To enroll, Click here or the Enroll button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.


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