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RadLex® codes are copyrighted by RSNA – see the license agreement link below                                              

RadLex License Agreement                                                  

This document modifies the original RadLex content as follows:                                                  

              1. It includes only the RPID, Automated Short Name, and Automated Long Name fields assigned by RadLex;                           

              2. It includes only the RPIDs used by the ACR’s Dose Index Registry® as of July, 2018; and,                                    

              3. It includes an ACR created RPID code – RPID00 , Guidance as discussed in the DIR’s Dose Mapping Instructions.                               

Copyright 2018:  Dose Registry Support Services retains all copyright for the selection of RPIDs and formatting contained in this document.                                                       

Content should not be re-distributed without the expressed consent of Dose Registry Support Services                                                      

Purchase is for a single-use license only.                                                      

Email    mbohl@doseregistry.com if you are interested in purchasing a multi-use license.