Dose Registry Support Services: What we do and why you should consider using our services

Dose Registry Support Services is founded on two premises: Radiology departments should lead their facility’s dose reduction efforts; Facilities need and want effective solutions at a reasonable cost. Our service is designed to achieve both.  I developed this service for a health system in the mid-west.  We enrolled some of their facilities in the DIR… Read More

Using the DIR Webinar Follow-up

Yesterday’s webinar titled Using the Dose Index Registry® to Implement an Effective Dose Monitoring Program was a resounding success with over 400 registrants attending, with an abundance of follow-up questions during the last 10 minutes. During the webinar I shared several tips and hints for getting started using the DIR, as well as how Dose… Read More

Dose Registry Support Services Success Stories

Here are recent examples of the successes two of our sites reported to their radiation safety committees. This first example is a chart showing one facility’s average monthly Total DLP for its Chest Angio studies from early 2016 through Q1 2018.  Overall, this site reduced its average Total DLP for its Chest Angio studies by… Read More

TJC Dose Monitoring Requirements: XR-29 Dose Notifications Don’t Meet Them

When the facility I was working with was exploring using their scanners’ XR-29 Notifications to meet PI 02.01.01.A6 Dose Incident Identification requirements we reviewed the technical elements underpinning XR-29’s Dose Check feature.  After reading them we grew very concerned that XR-29’s dose notifications would not meet TJC’s requirement.  The facility submitted a question to TJC… Read More