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Dose Registry Support Services Client Comment

I received this compliment from one of our client’s radiology managers this morning. “Thanks for all the information on this Mike.  I appreciate it!  I think this program is working well and has yielded some great dose reduction opportunities so far.  I also reviewed our dose incidents thoroughly with the JC physician surveyor recently and went really well.  I’m thinking it’s about time for us to schedule the next DIR work-group meeting as well.  Have a great weekend!”  Radiology Dept. Manager This multi-hospital health system was prepared to purchase a third-party platform at an annual cost across the system of between $80k to $100k each year. Instead, they are using our service which costs them less than 10% of what they nearly spent, and that is for all of the hospitals within their system. This means that, collectively, the health system is saving between $70k and $90k each year! Yet, they are have been able to make significant improvements reducing CT doses. If your facility is struggling to use your dose monitoring solution, or only using it to meet the Joint Commission’s Dose Incident reporting requirement, you are spending too much and/or getting too little. Dose Registry Support Services leverages your participation in the ACR’s Dose Index Registry to provide a comprehensive, joint commission compliant, and easy to understand dose optimization program.

Contact us to learn how we can lower your costs.  If you are attending RSNA and would like to meet at some point that week, let me know.

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