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Expanding Your Use of the DIR to Include Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, and Digital Radiography Doses

Here is an interesting article on the ACR’s Dose Index Registry (DIR). It is titled “Physicist Spotlight: Meet the Chair of the ACR Dose Index Registry Committee.”

I encourage you to pay specific attention to the article’s discussion of the DIR’s ability to accept and compare doses, not only from CT scanners, but now also from Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine/PET, and Digital Radiology units.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the past few years assisting hospitals and imaging centers enroll in and use the DIR to lower CT doses and meet the Joint Commission’s requirement to establish dose thresholds for each exam and then identify individual studies which exceed their threshold, all with the need for an expensive third party dose management software. I am now encouraging you to consider adding data from these other modalities as well. If you are currently enrolled in the DIR, it’s as easy as directing asking your service engineer to set up each units DICOM output to send its output to your TRIAD server.

The best news is there is no cost to add these other modalities to your DIR account.

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