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DIR Corporate-level Aggregate Reports Are Back- Update

As I wrote previously, access to Corporate level Aggregate DIR reports were several restricted after the NRDR changed the organizational structure for facilities submitting data.  One of the biggest changes was the establishment of the “Corporate” account under, and to, which all child sites would be assigned.  Initially, the Corporate level Aggregate reports were not available to anyone.  A few weeks later they become available, but only to those with Corporate level access. 

Post transition, each site still had access to its set of Aggregate reports.  Site level Aggregate reports show how that site compares to other similar facilities, regionally and by type of facility. However, immediately post transition, the Corporate (formerly Master) level Aggregate reports at  were no longer available.  Corporate level reports are particularly useful for multi-site facilities because they providea glimpse of how doses for any given RPID compare between child sitefacilities.

I am pleased to inform my clients/readers/followers that that DIR Corporate level Aggregate reports are back and available to Registry and Facility Administrators!  Simply choose the Corporate level account in the site selection menu, then select Corporate Account Aggregate Reports from the left menu.

As always, Dose Registry Support Services offers cost-effective DIR support. 

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